About Us


Founded in Lisbon in 1974, Luis da Graça Lda is a respected precision machining by CNC turning, grinding and milling components for such different and demanding industries as automotive, compressors, medical and electronics.

Luis da Graça Lda also provides assembly services, from simple sets to quite complex machinery, according to the client specifications and quality requirements.

Using a wide range of modern equipments and the latest CNC technologies, Luis da Graça Lda provides the highest quality services at competitive prices to meet the ever evolving market needs.
Our long machining practice on so different raw materials as stainless steel, cast iron, titanium, aluminium, bronze, different plastic materials and PTFE, is the reason our customers trust us for their most demanding projects.
Portuguese or foreign companies operating in Portugal represent 70% of our present production. The remaining is exported to France, Germany, Italy and Spain.